Sponsor a Movie


Movie Sponsors Receive:

  • Their name on the movie screen before the movie
  • Corporate commercial as movie trailer (see details).
  • Ten tickets for friends, family or coworkers. 
  • You or your company name listed as a sponsor of the show on this snazzy website. 
  • You or your company name listed on Facebook events and mentioned in all social media posts for the event. 
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Sponsor a Live Event


Live Event Sponsors receive:

  • Name/logo on the poster as main sponsor of show. 
  • Name/logo on rack cards as main sponsor of show.
  • Sponsorship recognition on the big screen during the previews of the show. 
  • Sponsorship recognition on this snazzy website.
  • Recognition in our enewsletter.
  • Sponsorship recognition on Facebook event and recognition in all social media posts for the event.  
  • Two box seats for the show (holds up to eight people).
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Sponsor A month of Movies


Sponsors of a month of movies receive: